You’ve heard about the Sisel Focus 2020 event promotion, and you keep an eye on the leaderboard to see where you rank in the contest. But what do the winners of the competition get for their outstanding achievement? Read on for a quick rundown of the event promotion. A more detailed version with examples can be found on the event page.


How many winners are there?

Each market (North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand) will have 3 grand prize winners, 5 second tier winners, and 10 third tier winners. This means each market will have a total of 18 winners, with 72 winners worldwide!


What do I win?

All of our promotion winners will receive special recognition at the Starlight Gala on Saturday, July 18th. In addition, each tier will win the following:

Grand Prize Winner: Grand prize winners from each market will get reimbursement of event ticket, lodging, and transportation to and from the event. In addition, grand prize winners will get an exclusive invite to a private dinner with Tom Mower Sr.

2nd Tier Winner: Second tier winners will get reimbursement of their event ticket and lodging expenses.

3rd Tier Winner: Third tier winners will receive reimbursement of their event ticket.


How do I qualify?

In order to enter the Sisel Focus 2020 event promotion, you need to purchase an event ticket. That means even if you are on the leaderboard, but you do not have an event ticket, you are not in the competition.

If you don’t have your event ticket yet, be sure to buy yours and register by March 17th, 2020 to get a free 1500 MG CBD ($150.00 USD value) added to your swag bag at the event. For more details, click here. We’ll see you in July!