You’ll notice on every label we have a disclaimer that states: “…This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” This statement is required by the FDA to distinguish products that qualify as a drug and those that don’t.

Sisel’s products are not drugs. Making any claim would be impossible if not for the DSHEA passed in 1994, which allows us to talk about the benefits of a product without requiring the federal scrutiny a drug has to go through to be approved by the FDA. We still can’t claim our products treat, cure or help with any disease, but we can say they help our body’s functionality.

 Here’s an example:

  • “I took product X and my bronchitis went away.”  This is a drug claim.
  • “I took product X and I feel it encourages healthy breathing.” This is an example of a structure/function claim.

By saying product X cured your bronchitis you’re telling the FDA that product X is a drug and you have accredited research to back your claim. Making a drug claim about any product can get you and Sisel in trouble with the FDA.

Claims that suggest that a product will change your body from an unhealthy state to a healthy state are likely drug claims. Instead, emphasize how these products help maintain the existing functions of your body. Do they help you stay energized? Recover faster? Feel younger? These are all structure/function claims and safe to use.

Ultimately, your experiences are real and unique. Share your testimonials in a way that is sincere but also compliant with our policies and procedures.