Got Time For Cucumber Lime?

Look out everyone, flu season is upon us! Ideally, it would be best to just stay away from anyone who is sick, but with kids in school and parents at work it can be hard to stay quarantined. If you’re looking to protect yourself and your family against the flu, or if you have someone at home feeling under the weather, there are a couple simple tricks you can try to stop the spread of icky germs:

  • Proper sneeze & cough etiquette
    • We’ve all heard of the “vampire cough”, and there’s a reason for that: it works! Germs from a cough can travel as far as 20 feet, and splatter from sneezes can reach someone standing up to 26 feet away. Be courteous to those around you- use your elbow, use a tissue, but whatever you do, don’t cough on people!
  • Disinfect surfaces
    • Now that we know how far a sneeze can travel, don’t you want to wipe down every surface in your house? Keeping surfaces in your house clean is a great way to stop the spread of sickness. This is particularly true for high traffic areas of your home. Be especially mindful of fixtures that get touched a lot such as doorknobs, sink handles, countertops, and TV remotes.
  • Wash your hands
    • What smells nice and keeps your hands clean? Sisel Safe Cucumber Lime Hand Soap of course! You can get this flu season must have as a part of our Durable Defense Pack, and you’ll get a free InFLUence with your promo purchase!