Great news! As you know we have been working towards a New Zealand distribution solution for some time now. Moving our distribution center to New Zealand provides many benefits, including:

  1. One ordering website for Australia & New Zealand.
  2. Simplified ordering; no more ordering NFR for some things and OTG for others—now everything is available from the same warehouse.
  3. No more double shipping charges because some orders were NFR and others OTG.
  4. Much faster delivery times for NFR product that used to come from the USA
  5. Much easier to help your friends enroll and place orders.
  6. The removal of Australia Post from our Distribution chain (we received many complaints about how our orders and product were handled).
  7. No GST on products that previously attracted GST.

Well, all Sisel Australian Distributors and customers will be pleased to know, we are in the final stages of making this happen.

Over the last month we have conducted numerous tests to measure the delivery performance of shipping goods from NZ to Australia. We chose people in outlying metropolitan locations as well as regional areas, cities and towns, including people from WA, SA, VIC, NSW & QLD. We even tested during the lead up to Christmas or Holidays as this is the busiest time of the year for any supply chain.

This test was very successful. Only one package was held up by customs, then got a little lost in the system before making it to an outlying suburb of Adelaide. It still arrived within 10 days.

We are now ready to launch our New Zealand warehouse!

To do this, we need to create a whole new warehouse in the Sisel System where our OTG product and NFR product can be migrated onto the one warehouse. To help us facilitate this change, we will need to shut down the Australian website this coming weekend (Saturday & Sunday). During this time, all 2,500 Australian Distributors and customers will be migrated on to this system. We figure this is the perfect time to do this as we in Australia will be preoccupied with Christmas festivities.

Most people will not notice much of a difference, except:

  1. All products will be on the one site and all products will now be NFR from New Zealand
  2. All distributors and customers who have an auto-purchase in the system, will need to go back into their back office and setup their autoship profiles again. Unfortunately, this information cannot be migrated over to the new website.
  3. All products will be priced in New Zealand Dollars

Once this process is complete, all future orders you place will be supplied out of New Zealand. The process has been long and involved.  I have been greatly supported in this task by the USA team and in particular Thomas III who is my country liaison for Australia & NZ. We thank you for your patience and we know how keenly you have waited for this day. We wanted to make sure this “NZ Distribution Strategy” launch would be as seamless as possible for you, our valued Australian Sisel Nation.

When does this all happen?

As we mentioned, we have been working on this very hard for quite some time, but distributors and customers in Australia and New Zealand will start seeing everything falling into place on 2-4 February. During this time the ability to place orders through the website will be temporarily removed as we redirect all orders to the New Zealand Warehouse (access through TeamOffice will still be available). Once the transition is completed and we ensure everything is working as it should, we will restore access to shopping cart again.

Thanks so much for your patience and support and your continued loyalty. Have a safe and blessed Christmas and Holiday Season surrounded by the people that matter most in your lives, your families! May 2017 be the start of wonderful Sisel dreams coming true.


Jim O’Reilly

Managing Director

Sisel Australia/New Zealand

Fortunately, we had a number of our wonderful, supportive leaders partner with Sisel to prepare for this launch. Here are videos of the new warehouse and some of those who were part of the test team:

Watch the new warehouse in action

Katie (Metro Melbourne)

Jodie (Gold Coast QLD)

Keith (Toowomba QLD)

Trevor (Melbourne outer suburbs)

Karen (Outer Perth Metro)