The SMART Way To Get Sisel Fit

New Years is synonymous with resolutions and fresh starts and with the holidays now behind us, it’s the perfect time to refocus on our physical fitness and make positive, healthy changes.

Significantly improving our individual fitness is almost always a long, arduous process and changes are rarely possible without goals. However, not all goals are created equal. Some goals, when they’re set correctly and adhered to, can amount to life-changing success. Other goals can quickly fizzle and go flat like the bubbly you accidentally left out on New Year’s Day.

Here is a SMART method you can employ to make sure your goals stay Sisel strong for months and years to come!


Specific: “I will eat one full serving of fruits and veggies each day.”

Nonspecific: “I will try to eat healthy.”

Even if they’re well-meaning, nebulous goals are almost always bound to fail. If you don’t know what achieving your goals looks like in your mind, it’s probably not specific enough.


Measurable: “I will drink 1 gallon of water every day.”

Unmeasurable: “I will drink more water.”

Picture this – you’re in the future looking back on a goal you set. Do you know you’ve actually completed it? Do you have the numbers to show that you’ve achieved what you originally set out to do? If not, make sure your goals contain measurable metrics.


Attainable: “I will exercise for a half an hour three times per week.”

Unattainable: “I will exercise for one hour seven times per week.”

A goal’s attainability will vary depending on who’s attempting it, but the point is to know your own limits and not set the bar too high. If you set an aggressive goal and find yourself quickly burning out on it, make some adjustments and alter the goal to something you can keep up with. As you progressively improve and adjustments become too easy for you, slowly keep upping the ante to ensure that you are always challenging yourself. And remember – don’t compare yourself to others. Your definition of fit may be different from another’s and you are on YOUR OWN fitness journey!


Relevant: “I will follow my weight lifting regimen daily.”

Irrelevant: “I will win a major body building contest.”

Almost everybody, at some point or another, has set off on a goal only to stop partway through and ask themselves “why am I doing this again? Is this really that important to me?” It’s easy to get caught up in trying to replicate the grandiose accomplishments of others and forget that it takes genuine thought and introspection to realize what’s truly important to you.


Timely: “I will follow this healthy diet for 30 days.”

Untimely: “I will follow this healthy diet for the rest of my life.”

If you don’t give yourself a reasonable time limit to accomplish a goal, you’ll quickly lose track of it. We all want lifestyle changes to become a permanent fixture, especially when it comes to personal fitness, but your goals need to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Once you’ve achieved a goal, set it again with a more extended time limit.

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