Recruiting is one of the most important components to consider when building a powerful

organization in direct sales. Bringing new people in and helping them start off on the right

foot can mean the difference between stagnation and success with your Sisel business.

Here are five simple tips to help you take your recruiting to a new level:


1. Become a product of the products.


Sisel boasts a wide variety of safe, effective products. Perhaps you use and love them

all, but introducing everything at once to a prospect can be a bit overwhelming. Instead,

focus on a small handful of products, get comfortable talking about them, and develop a

personalized “elevator or 30-second pitch” for each one. As you get better at ascertaining

your potential recruits’ individual needs, a short pitch on the right product featuring your

own positive and sincere testimonial can be a highly effective tool.


2. Build your list and contact your contacts.


If you haven’t already done so, sit down and build a list of everybody you know and as

many people they know. Don’t prejudge or leave people off because you’re worried they

might not fit; the person you least expect could turn out to be a future Sisel leader. Once

you have your list filled out, contact everyone on it with a tailored message. Some may

be more receptive to you sharing products with them and others may be interested in the

business opportunity; you’ll have to decide. Once your list is exhausted, go out and find

new contacts to add to it, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Successful

networkers keep adding to their list by honing their contacting skills.


3. Sample, sample, sample!


You can preach the Mower Mission, science/benefits, and even personal testimonials

until you’re red in the face, but some prospects may not be sold on Sisel

products until they’ve had the chance to try them first. Make sampling a part of

your business! Not only will potential recruits be able to experience the benefits

themselves, but sharing something with someone is a poignant way to convey to

that individual just how much you love and believe in it. Sampling some of Sisel’s

top products is a cinch right now with the Season of Sharing Sample Pack, currently

available under ‘Promotions’ in your Back Office.


4. Download and use the Sisel app.


The new Sisel mobile app is now available for download by visiting www.siselapp.

com. Accessing the application simply requires the same username and password

you use to log into your Back Office. The app is full of great, corporate content

that’s shareable across multiple platforms with just a couple of clicks. You can even

share your own user-generated videos, perfect for testimonials and personalized

messages, that link to your replicated site! The app comes standard with activity

tracking so you can see in real-time if or when a contact has interacted with content

you’ve sent them. This Customer Relationship Manager allows you to organize

and prioritize your contacts.


5. Use social media resources.


There’s no mistake that Social Media platforms are increasingly being utilized for

MLM recruiting with each passing year. Although events and face-to-face interactions

are still important, many things that used to be done exclusively in person

are now being done effectively through live videos and online parties. Embracing

Social Media technology is a great way to reach a lot of people quickly and conveniently.


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